About Us

I have always been fascinated with the photographic image, whether in photography or old home movies. Over the years I have inherited my dad’s cameras that he had used over the years. The oldest one I have is one from World War II and yes it works. The other cameras I have are a Argus 75 and Brownie 8mm movie camera along with the those large lights that could light up any morning, well mainly Christmas mornings. The 4 cameras on this page I cherish greatly and have them on display at my studio.

My first official start in the world of photography was when I was about 8 years old with my first camera. A pocket instant a matic, it took great pictures and soon I was the newest family photographer for the family and friends.

In high school I received my first real camera a Minolta XG-1. What a Christmas it was! I must have shot 8 rolls of film that day. I still have it , and it’s also on display.

College started a new chapter of photography and video in my new career. This is where I wanted to be, making people happy with the images I produce.

My first job was with a cable tv station while I was still in college. My job consisted of doing everything from announcing, producing, directing to editing video and yes taking photographs. Over 28  years my passion has not changed for the world of photography and videography. 

I have been awarded many times over for my work. 5 Emmy Awards, 2 Tellys and numerous awards from Associated Press and United Press International.

I approach every shoot differently no matter if it is photography or video. One thing for sure about my work it will always be award winning.

The best compliment a parent said to me was, “Everyone may have a nice camera and  lens but a true professional like you makes your photos and videos stand out from the amateurs with a nice camera.”