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Video for wellness conference April 13 2013

Here’s a video I produced this month for a group trying to help out your wellbeing in financial, spiritual and peace of mind for 2013, check out the link.

7 speakers will address your spiritual wellbeing, motivational and prosperity for a better you in 2013. Saturday April 13 2013 in Brighton, Michigan at 10am to 4pm at the Lions Club of Brighton. for more information go to or call 517-376-1400

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2013 review so far

What a year so far. Going to Washington D.C for the Inauguration of the President. Then just a week later in New Orleans for the SuperBowl and no I didnt turn off the lights considering some people thought I did. Working with the best high school hockey program around. Hartland did make the state finals but lost in the finals to Livonia Stevenson by 1 is quite a accomplishment. I was invited to their banquet where I share the yearend video and poster, had some laughs and cheers from the crowd and probably some tears from the moms but they wouldnt admit it. The seniors are calling for spokesmodel shoots so its coming along nicely even thought the competition is heating up. But credentials mean alot to customers they no when so called professionals are out there and have started in the last couple of months for who is real and who is not, it shows…

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