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Hartland Hounds 2012 Opening Night

With the NHL out of strike, Lockout what ever you call it. Check out the Hartland Hounds in Hartland. Last night September 28 the undefeated Hounds opened up after 4 road games. The team is kids that are in high school and just out of high school, but much better than high school hockey and inexpensive. I am now the offcial photographer for the team here are a few pictures from last night. Want a good time and good hockey go check them out at the Hartland Ice

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Wow Summer 2013

What a summer, between seniors coming fast and furious at the end of the summer and still coming as of next week. I really do love my job. The students that coem here either by coming willing or mom and dad force them they all leave laughing and with a smile. Make people comfortable is my name and my job. Well not a job and experience I enjoy.. See what I mean.

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