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Tampa Republican Convention

Have been here since the 23rd preparing for the convention here in Tampa and working for CBS NEWS. I have been setting lines and sat shots for cbs stations around the country and stations across the world. It’s been tough hours and long hours with very little sleep and little food. The best part is working with some of the best people in the industry. Some guys that I have worked with since the 1996 conventions. Cities like Chicago, L.A., Boston, Philly, Denver and Minneapolis along with cities along the way.

Still amazes me the journalist that come from countries like England, France, Austailia, Japan and Denmark for a grand total of 27 that I have worked with since arriving.

The conventions used to mean something now they are just a party with little getting done. Oh well 2 days to go and then onto Charlotte. Stay tuned.

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Seniors this week

Wow what a week to be slammed with seniors. Not complaining it made work and made be creative! From Hartland to South Lyon East to Howell back to South Lyon and booking students down to Garden City, whewww.. Busy getting ready for road trip for conventions in Tampa and Charlotte that will be a different change from having fun to serious work but working with some great people at CBS News Path, love working with those people any and all the time because of professioanlism and fun to be around. Here are some photos from the week. Enjoy.

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Cody Conrad 2013

Cody came kicking and screaming today to the shoot.. Well alittle white lie there, he was really cool about the whole experience, he even said I hate this several times, inside joke when you come to MillerMediaVision. Cody goes to South Lyon and plays baseball, really good kid and fun shoot enjoy the photos. Weekend is coming and more shoots this weekend, yes we work on weekends.

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Chandler South Lyon 2013

Another successful day of shooting a senior from the area. More more I love this job no matter I get uncut by so called photographers that do this part time just because they love photography and think just because digital cameras are so cheap. You have to have the eye for it and do it fulltime like I do. So check out the latest photos of Chandler.

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More seniors this week

Been a good week. Some of the shoots started out one way and diffently turned around 180 degrees, for the better. The students I met this week are a sure good sign of things to come for this world. From Brighton’s Nathan and Cristain to William at Waterford Kettering to Michael at Milford and then Mason from South Lyon East. Each one of these young men showed different qualities we should all have in us. I especially enjoyed the coversation with Mason from South Lyon East who is joining the Marines next summer because his uncle served for over 30 years in the Marines. He came proud and with attitude, a good attitude towards the shoot. I feel good with men like this for our future. Here are a few pictures from Mason’s shoot.

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Senior from Waterford Kettering and Response

“Rich you were amazing, Thank You for the pictures & the memories….God Bless you!!!!!”

This was from a mom who just enjoyed their time here as I photographed her sons senior photos. Really made my day.

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Presentation Today Success

This morning I gave a presentation about my business to my morning networking group in Brighton. I knew it was going to be a task.

One I have spoken to them before so had to make it different.

Two I worked till almost 11:30 last night and had to be fresh for the 7:30 am meeting.

A few days ago started on the powerpoint picking the right images both still and video and the right verb-age. Struggled at times but got to what i thought would be the right fit for the audience.

Arrived early to be set, good.. Waited for my turn to speak. I started who and what I am and showed my family photos and some back ground photos. I also explained how much you needed to find a professional in their field that has been doing it for sometime and is award winning. I also showed some videos and how the web worked in their favor in promoting my business and theirs.

The best was showing a video that is the most viewed on the internet over 900 million views, well if you want to see it then search it.  You’ll find it. The best part I had the audience laughing and in tears watching the video. Presentation over, SUCCESS. So you should too find the right person about their profession not a part timer who thinks they know about the professional. Do you homework..

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John Kopko 2013

Seniors continue to come here for the quality and price, never understand why people would spend hundreds and receive very little. See John’s photos from the weekend. John came from South Lyon high school, great shoot again. Remember we shoot everyday no black out days or extra hidden fees. Call today.


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