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Seniors 2013

Call today for your summer session, times are filling up..

248 345-6741

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Time away

Wow where has the time gone. Summer is upon us and seniors for class of 2012 are getting out of school in about 25 days, thats actual school days if your counting. Business is picking up, webstreaming a commencement for Henry Ford Community College next month, high school baseball finals in June, political shoots for Oakland County excutives.. Whew good to be busy.. Stay tuned

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Travels and Meetings

Things that we do in life. Travels and meetings.. Sounds boring and not fun because what we have to do to get here and there and setting up meetings here and there, well its the way life works. Recently went to Orlando Florida, no not to see Mickey or Minnie but another story, the Trayvon Martin saga that continues. I understand the whole story but this shouldn’t be lasting this long, our justice system is taking way too long.. Meetings just had a great morning meeting with our Monday morning web referral group in Brighton.. The time it took to get this group going over a year ago it has grown and most of the names anf faces havent changed, shows committment. thank you  all… We need more people in the whole chamber to be committed as these fine people are in promoting local businesses.

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Wedding Video

Just presented the wedding video to the mother of the bride and she was elated.. to see the trailer go to facebook!/photo.php?v=2931226008773&set=vb.1504684869&type=2&theater… Or my website It also has other work on the website from various events.

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Meetings and Proposals

Meetings, Networking who said it would be easy.. Never.. had a good meeting today looking forward to this venture if all the pieces go together.. Crossing those business fingers and toes.

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April Fools

Funny time of the year.. Someone always tries to pull one on someone, but today nothing. Have people gotten over that old joke, are we that out of touch. Does our generation now not care anymore.. Sad..

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Justin Senior 2012

Justin Caverlly 2013

Had another photo shoot today for a class of 2012 Justin from Walled Lake Northern.. Will post some photos of the shoot.. Another great shoot with senior. Always look forward to this time of year. Class of 2013 you have time now to book.. Call us. 248 345-6741

Justin Caverly 2012

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